Sliding vs hinged internal doors – which is best?

Want to get the perfect interior door for your home or commercial space? You have the choice of sliding vs hinged internal doors, and both provide an excellent internal door solution. At Aluco, we specialise in manufacturing steel-look, Crittall®-inspired, industrial-style internal doors. Sliding internal doors create wide panels and more options when fully open. Hinged doors provide a classic look and are better for standard-size doorways. Here is an explanation of the differences between sliding and hinged internal doors to help you choose the best door for your home and specific needs.

Sliding vs hinged internal doors – functionality

Sliding doors have the door panels moving horizontally along a track and this particular method of opening offers a more unobstructed view overall but especially when the doors are open. Sliding doors give you the option of two or three moving panels.

As sliding doors move along a track, you get more options regarding where the doors slide to when you open them. You can have your sliding doors moving behind or in front of your wall and even sliding into a wall pocket, disappearing from view.

Hinged doors must open either in or out and can either be single doors or double doors. Whilst also an excellent solution for your internal doors, when comparing sliding vs hinged internal doors, the hinged type provides a more traditional or formal look and is better for standard rather than wide openings. Wider openings when choosing hinged doors may need fixed glazed panels.

Comparing the appearance of hinged and sliding internal doors

How your doors look may also affect your choice of sliding vs hinged internal doors. Sliding doors look more seamless because the handles are flush with the frame and there are no visible hinges.

Hinged doors, opening inwards or outwards, have projecting handles on each side and visible hinges on the one side, depending on whether the door opens in or out. .

Space and Accessibility when choosing internal doors

The space your doors occupy when open is one of the most important factors when deciding between hinged or sliding internal doors.

Sliding doors move along a track at the head and don’t require a clearance for opening. They save valuable floor space and are a perfect fit for compact rooms. Their ease of operation may also make them better suited for people with mobility issues. And with the ability to slide into a new wall pocket, sliding doors arguably offer the best in space saving.

Even better, the side-to-side movement of sliding doors means better use of your internal space. You can place furniture, plant pots and other accessories right up to the doors without interfering with their operation.

A hinged door will always take up some space when left open. This may be a limitation in smaller areas. However, they can effectively use space if designed to open outward, pushing against the wall rather than inward. Hinged doors offer a range of configurations, including single, double, or French door systems. Their swing mechanism, inwards or outwards, provides distinct design opportunities.

Sliding vs hinged internal doors- maintenance and reliability

When deciding between sliding vs hinged internal doors, both promise reliability and low maintenance. Our steel-look interior collection of doors hinged or sliding, both come with premium aluminium, the finest components and a luxurious colour finish.

Sliding doors, you’ll find smooth sliding and they also come as standard with a push-to-release mechanism for when you want to close them. These are slightly more complicated to fit, but your local Aluco specialist installer can demonstrate the doors and answer your questions.

Hinged Doors are easier to install, being less complex products, but once fitted are easy to open and close and are designed to always be reliable.

Sliding and Hinged Internal Doors – Key Features

We’ve summarised the key features of both sliding and hinged internal doors to help you see at a glance, how both doors promise a transformed interior.

Sliding Doors

Creates wider door panels.No visible threshold.
Better for larger doorways.Flush door handles.
Up to 1200mm wide and 2300mm high.Can open and slide into a wall pocket.
Clear or patterned safety glass.Space saving design.
One, two, three or four panels.Better for those with reduced mobility.
Optional side panels or fixed screens.Can place furniture close to the doors.

Hinged Doors

Single or Double DoorsNo visible threshold.
The unique floating lock designProjecting door handles
Up to 900mm wide and 2300mm high.Matching side panels
Clear or patterned safety glass.More handle styles available.
Better for standard size doorways.Creates larger or combination screens.

Aluco – the perfect steel-look internal doors.

In conclusion, both sliding and hinged steel-look doors from Aluco Aluminium offer unique benefits the the choice of sliding vs hinged internal doors will depend on factors such as space availability, design preference, styling, day-to-day use and budget. We are here to help you select the door type that best aligns with your requirements and enhances your space’s aesthetic and functional qualities.

Aluco has an exceptional reputation, where attention to detail and superb British craftsmanship is second to none. We specialise in designing and manufacturing iconic steel effect screens for truly luxe living. Only we make our products, and our carefully selected, fully trained and approved Aluco Distributors professionally install them. Aluco interior doors – maximum impact and enjoyment in any room.

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15:14 22 Mar 23
Just completed house renovation, using all the internal bespoke doors with glass panels. Absolutely delighted with the quality of doors and service. I was assisted every step of the way in getting the right size and format of extremely tall door. Keiran has been exceptionally helpful to deal with over the months from ordering to completion. 10/10I never usually do reviews but but I would say the whole experience and end result that has been achieved has been amazing.
Sarah PattersonSarah Patterson
15:28 13 Mar 23
So pleased with our new Aluco bifold doors, the best we could find on the market! We wanted bifolds with maximum glass area and no bulky frame and the Aluco doors were the perfect choice. Stunning, deep matte black colour, high quality, great choice of hardware and a first-class service. Highly recommend!
Michael HanksMichael Hanks
12:56 10 Mar 23
I've been looking for sometime to find a professional company to fit my new windows and doors and I'm so pleased I found you guys! - Aluco's products are 1st class and so easy to arrange, I just called Aluco, spoke to a very helpful lady who put me in touch with my local installer. I would definitely recommend this product & company :o)
Pauls Mc CrarrenPauls Mc Crarren
10:15 10 Jan 23
I recently had 3 sets of ALUCO exterior crital styled steel framed doors fitted to my property as part of an ongoing renovation. After looking around at various options Aluco was the only manufacturer that I felt could deliver the style I was looking for. With most other companies I thought the design was bulky and not finished to the finesse Aluco has achieved . Based on my experience I can honestly thoroughly recommend this manufacturer and will look to use them again on any future projects
Richard HansonRichard Hanson
09:42 20 May 22
Aluco is leading the way in steel look windows and doors, they are high quality, competitively priced and offering excellent external and internal ranges. We are extremely happy to supply their products to our valued customers.